Tadgh Gallagher born ©1770, died 1844 and is buried in Cruit Island. His wife may have been Susan McGarvey from Ranafast. They lived in Carrickfinn.


Family: 1. Hughie Gallagher, 2. Tadghín Gallagher. 3. Sean Gallagher 4. Female (Teague Boyle Dunmore’s mother

  1. Hughie Gallagher born 1799, died 1869. He wasn’t married.
  2. Tadghín Gallagher born 1804, died married Mary ?

Family: (i) Nancy Thadghín, (ii) Hudie Thadghín, (iii) Jack Thadghín, (iv) Susan Thadghín, (v) Nuala (Fanny) Thadghín, (vi) Mary Thadghín.

(i) Nancy Thadghín born 1844, died 1895.

(ii) Hudie Thadghín born 1846, died 1897.

(iii) Jack Thadghín born 1857, died 1908.

(iv) Susan Thadghín born 1842, died winter of 1922.

(v) Nuala (Fanny) Thadghín born 1850 died on November 24th 1932.

(vi) Mary Thadghín born 1848

Nuala or Fanny Thadghín emigrated to the US but retired home to Carrickfin. Nuala left her home and Carrickfin by horse and cart and traveled to Leabha Naomh Dubhthach in Calhame where she slept for the night in the search for a cure for her T.B.  Nuala was then about eighty years old. She died in the 1932. She was the last of the family.

  1. Sean Gallagher born 1821, died 1887 married Peggy Forker from Cruit Island.

Family: (a) Paddy, (b) Maggie, (c) Dan (1), (d) Mick, (e) Daniel (2).

(a) Paddy married Anne Bonner

Family: Dan, Dinny and John.

(b) Maggie born 1870

(c) Dan (1) born 25th November 1868

(d) Mick born ©1877

(e) Dan (2) born ©1875