William Alcorn born 1772 died in Carrickfin on the 14th November 1868. John Alcorn registered his death.

A James Alcoran was recorded in Carrickfin in 1804 Sea Fencibles List 

John Alcorn born ©1809 in Carrickfinn, died about 1884 married Jane Dudgeon (see Dudgeon Carrickfinn) born in Carrickfinn in 1820.

Family: 1. James Alcorn, 2. Thomas (Tammy) Alcorn, 3 Katie Ruadh Alcorn, 4. Maggie Alcorn, 5. Mary Ann Alcorn, 6. Elizabeth Alcorn, 7. John Alcorn, 8. Jane, 9. William, 10. Margaret.

  1. James Alcorn born in Carrickfinn in 1843, died March 27th 1912 married Elizabeth (Bessie) John Dickie Boyd born in Carnbuí in 1855, died March 14th 1942.

They lived beside the Church.

Family: (i) John Alcorn, (ii) Bella, (iii) Willie Alcorn, (iv) Catherine Alcorn, (v) Jane Alcorn, (vi) James Alcorn, (vii) Maggie Alcorn, (viii) Lizzie Ann Alcorn, (ix) Richard Alcorn, (x)  Cassie Alcorn, (xi)  Tommy Alcorn, (xii) Mary Ann Alcorn, (xiii) Fanny Alcorn.

Tommy, Mary Ann, Fanny and Willie Alcorn taking home their turf before 1921.

(i) John Alcorn born 26th March 1876, died in 1953 He emigrated to USA before the others and married Tommy Christie Boyd’s (Carrickfinn)sister Maggie in USA..

(ii) Bella married Andrew Hamilton in Longfield Ardara on March 18th 1909 and lived there. When her husband died her brother Richard lived with her.

(iii) Willie Alcorn born 11th October 1877, He lived at home. He wasn’t married.

(iv) Catherine Alcorn born 11th January 1878 .

(v) Jane Alcorn born 12th August 1879 emigrated to the USA and married William Campbell. Family: Sarah, Elizabeth, Robert and others.

James, Maggie, Lizzie and Richard emigrated to the USA together.

(vi) James Alcorn born October 1st 1882, died July 19th 1944 emigrated to Weaver Iowa USA on June 22nd 1913 and married Louise Ziegler. Family: Lillian, Ruth and James.

(vii) Maggie Alcorn born ©1881, emigrated to Weaver Iowa USA on June 22nd 1913, died 1962. She married James Wilson and returned for summer holidays. Family: James, Harold and another.

(viii) Lizzie Ann Alcorn born ©1883, emigrated to Weaver Iowa USA on June 22nd 1913, died in 1926married David Reid. Family: Raymond.

(ix) Richard Alcorn born 1892, emigrated to Weaver Iowa USA on June 22nd 1913. He retired home on September 9th 1939, the week WWII was declared and died on November 1969 aged 77. He was unmarried.

(x) Cassie Alcorn born ©1888, died in 1971, emigrated to USA and married Thomas Irvine. Family: Male and Female.

(xi) Tommy Alcorn born in 1894, died April 1982, lived at home and wasn’t married.

(xii) Mary Ann Alcorn born in 1896, died October 25th 1982 lived at home and wasn’t married.

(xiii) Fanny Alcorn born © 1899, died in March 1975 lived at home and wasn’t married.


  1. Thomas (Tammy) Alcorn born © 1856, died in 1919 lived in Carrickfin. He wasn’t married.

3. Katie Rua Alcorn born ©1855, died in 1928 lived in Carrickfin.

April 2012 ...A Carrickfin Farm with Gola Island in the background

Family: (a) Cassie Rua Alcorn (b) Annie Tammy Alcorn

(a) Cassie Rua Alcorn born 11th January 1878, died 6th September 1939 married Johnny Jimmy Hughie Boyd from Carrickfinn.

They lived in Bunbeg.

Family: (a1) James Johnny, (a2) Hugh Johnny, (a3) Jack Johnny.

(a1) James Johnny married in Co.Down.

(a2) Hugh Johnny married Florrie and lived in Bunbeg.

Family: Alan, Richard 

(a3) Jack Johnny married Nan and lived in Bunbeg.

Family: John, Mardi

(ii) Annie Tammy Alcorn born ©1884, died late 40’s early 50’s. She was a monitor at Given’s School and wasn’t married.

  1. Maggie Alcorn married John Patterson from Dunfanaghy on November 6th 1883. They emigrated to Iowa, USA with their one year old child in 1885. Family: John, William, John J, Maggie Jane, Mary Ann, Robert and Emily.
  1. Mary Ann Alcorn born abt 1853, died 1909 married Andrew Smullen from Drumatinny, Falcarragh on April 15th 1873 and lived there. Family: James, Bessie, Jane, John, Mary and Fanny.
  2. Elizabeth Alcorn born March 14th 1837


  1. died in Wawayanda Township, New York on April 21st 1916 married William Dudgeon (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Mahon) Mullaghderg on the 8/2/1855. They emigrated to New York State USA in 1882.

Family: (i) Elizabeth Dudgeon

(i) Elizabeth Dudgeon born in Mullaghderg on 11th February 1877 and may have emigrated to the US.

Family: Catherine, Thomas, Jane, John, Fanny Ann 1, James 1, James 2, Fanny Ann 2 and Elizabeth.


  1. John Alcorn
  2. Jane married Thomas Patterson
  3. William born in 1835 died in Australia in 1910.
  4. Margaret