I’m going to sing a simple song just listen to the same

It’s all about a big bizarre that started in Calhame

T’is run by one called Johnny Tom who travel from afar

And soon upon the signboard be Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


Johnny puts the spindle round and Tom conducts the gun

McFadden minds the bagatelle until the match is won

Doogan is the bandmaster and Byrne runs the bar

We  all enjoy the merriment at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


Now Johnny leads a pleasant live and goes from place to place

Whatever his tent is pitched he finds a jolly face

But no jollier lads can be found from here to Zanzibar

Than the lads who assemble in Calhame at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


Now Johnny’s games are fair and free from fault no method has he

You may win a prize by posting a small fee

the beggar can chance his luck just like the Russians mighty Tsar

a penny often wins a pound at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


Eoin Antáin as we all admit is a crack shot at the gun

and when he enters for a match the boys all know he’ll win

for the others might as well try to hit the polar star

as to try to beat our sniper Eoin at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


McGee took up the gun this night he found it wouldn’t go

Tom shouted mind your eyes my boys and then he called for Joe

Joe came in and asked what’s wrong? And Tom did get his jar

This gun requires oiling at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


The gun went accidently off and hit poor Johnny John

He raised his hands unto his face and shouted “boys I’m done”

The doctor came and dressed the wound but still there was a scar

All caused by an accidental shot at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


When Jamesty heard that Johnnie John had got a damaged face

He feared upon Calhame it would bring disgrace

he drew his coat upon the floor and he began to spar

and swore he was the champion at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


The fun was going on gaily when Master George came in

He forced his way up through the crowd with many a laugh and grin

But Jamesty hit him on the eye and made it as black as tar

and Seoirse rolled upon the floor at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


Frank Braighnidh went there on the night some prized for to win

But when he saw his red haired girl his heart it was struck dumb

And when he went to leave her home a call came from the bar

Won’t you join in the merriment at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.




Con Bonner’s got the pandy clock t’was won by Paddy Eoin Bhig

And when he won it he danced an Irish jig

But if he put on a khaki rig it would suit him better far

than posting pence on pandy clocks at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


The boys a disappointment got and felt it too full well

The night the lever watch was put upon the bagatelle

T’was won by a young sportsman who came all the way from Kilcar

To speculate a pound or two at Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


Jimmy Bride has got some cash on hand since Christmas night

He means to buy some booze and put the boys all tight

But I suggest we collect it by motorcar

And drive the boys the country round with Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.


Now Johnny’s left the town the boys will miss the game

Some other sport will have to be found around about Calhame

So we’ll drink a health to John and Tom and short life to the war

And we may soon again see young Johnny Tom’s Bazaar.

                                                                             By Hugh J. Maguire