Manus O’Donnell, aged 60 years, with his sons James and Dominic O’Donnell, aged 25 and 21 years respectively, together with Dan  Sharkey, aged 59 years and brother-in-law to Manus O’Donnell, left Kincasslagh Pier on the hazy evening of the 22nd of June 1922 to sail seven miles to the salmon fishing ground.  When they did not return early next morning with the other fishing boats, these boats immediately went in the search of the missing crew, but only to find a few miles from the shore, floating on the waves the nets of the missing boat, and a cap and a boot belonging to one of the missing crew. The boat, broken in pieces was cast ashore a few days later.

1-kincasslagh salmon yawl 1914
Fishing yawls at Kincasslagh pier (F. Gallagher)

All the vales around the Rosses

There are weary hearts today

Thinking of the four brave seamen

Who so nobly sailed away


To face the raging bellows

As they often done before

The brace O’Donnell’s and

Dan Sharkey from around

Kincasslagh shore


Never more will poor Dan Sharkey

Face again the Keadue strand

With his gallant brother Dimlick

He brought credit to the land


To the dear old land of shamrock

That land for troubles soon will cease

And God be with their wives and families

May their souls now rest in peace