Authentic Family Tree Chart €200

captureAn in-depth investigation into the history of one’s family is time consuming and can become an expensive project. We have estimated the final cost of several reports to date. Some average between 500 and 1,000 persons. We recently researched a family that had 2,300 persons in the final report which would be well above the average person’s budget.

From recent enquiries, we have concluded that many of them just wished to know their background and who their direct ancestors were.

Mount colour optional

To meet the demand and to give the customer an insight into their Irish background, we offer you the Authentic Family Tree Chart consisting of direct ancestors only, against a background of one’s choice (ie. family homestead/location or sentimental portrait), printed on top quality paper and mounted to the required size (max A2). Price includes postage and packaging.


Bronze Package €600

20 hours of research bound in a hard cover with gilt lettering (as shown below).

Silver Package €900 

30 hours of research bound in a hard cover with gilt lettering (as shown above).

Gold Package €1500

60 hours of research in a hard cover with gilded family symbol.

Platinum Package €2000+

The Platinum package is an indepth study of one’s family history. The completed report can include personal information, photographs, family connection to Donegal, clans background, maps, anecdotes and all relevant research material.   This report will be professionally bound with a gilded family crest in a hard case.  The cost of this package is dependant on the time involved, charged by an hourly rate exclusive of the binding cost.

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