Dúchas Thír Chonaill

Donegal Heritage


February 2018

Hear stories of old Annagry, prehistoric sun worshipers, Angair Mac Ancair Na Long and his Viking Heather Ale, “Harry Clarke” style windows, 18th century clachan and the “new” village, and much much more. Light walk, less than 1km. Duration:1 hour.

Hear the story of Banríon an Uaignis (Queen of Loneliness) and other folklore,  Shipwrecks, An Kitchen Midden and Clachan, Placenames and much, much more. 

Distance: 1 km, Duration: 1.5 hr.

A light walk around the Bunbeg Harbour while hearing stories of Lord George Hill and his Biblical Proverbs, Shipwrecks, War of Independence, Famine Times and Land War, Coastguard Stations, Fishing and Commerce and much much more. Distance: 1 km, Duration: 1 hr.


View the ruins of Miseóg’s (a 19th century prophetess) homestead in Ballymanus, and hear the stories of shipwrecks, disasters, emigration, fashion, spectacle and development that were all but a premonition in her lifetime. Light walk, less than 1 km.  Duration: 1 hr.



Take a light walk around Belcruit, Kincasslagh while hearing stories of An Sagart Ruadh and Connacht Mary, Fairies and Giants, Aodh Bán and his deadly Blunderbuss, Saints and Scholars, Graves, Bakers and Poitín Makers and much, much more. Distance: 1 km, Duration: 1 hr.



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