Heritage in Schools Expert James Duffy

Subjects covered: Continuity and change over time (History), Early people and ancient societies (History), Local Studies (History), Myself and my Family (History), Story (History).


Jimmy brings his knowledge of local history and genealogy to the classroom through varied mediums such as information boards, photographs, maps. He encourages the children to connect to their own place through providing an introduction to the history and heritage of their own locality. His visits highlight the ever changing environment in both built and lifestyle, where they explore historical sites and buildings, ruins and places of interest in the locality. He has a wide interest in the local environment with knowledge of the native flora and fauna species and its place in local heritage.


Jimmy is an experienced historical researcher and has written widely on history, local studies and folklore which has appeared in many publications. He has researched and curated historical exhibitions. He holds a Diploma in Local History from NUI Galway. A varied selection of his work can be found on his blog on this website under “articles”.

Past Projects:

Scoil Loch an Iúir:

Stair Chath Loch an Iúir 1435 (The History of the Battle of Loughanure 1435). I gave the background to the battle and took the pupils on a field trip to the battle site where they had an re-enactment, the first since the 15th century. The children researched the battle and presented their findings in a Christmas play in 2016. See link

Scoil Chonail An Bhun Bhig:

Stair Ceanntair an Bhun Bhig (The History of the Bunbeg area).