” Whilst thinking about my Irish ancestry well, I decided to see if I could find out the facts and confirm those tales that I had heard over the years. Having seen the service for family reports advertised on the Donegal Heritage site on Facebook, I thought I would give it a try. A tentative enquiry with Jimmy Duffy started a conversation which explained the services on offer and helped me determine what it was that I was really considering. The two main options, a full family history or a ancestral tree and their differing costs were carefully explained with respective costs and, armed with that information, I made my decision to proceed with an ancestral tree.
During the process, contact was maintained and Jimmy continued to keep me informed of progress. This helped greatly as I live in England and was able to maintain contact via the internet throughout. The whole process took about a month, at the end of which I received my ancestral tree, which confirmed the information I had been given as a child. The tree comes printed on an image of the recipients choice; mine was a view of Kincasslagh which invoked childhood memories. Also included are birth, marriage or death certificates where available. The package comes in a sturdy tube for protection.
Anyone wishing to find out further information about their Donegal roots and have a family tree to adorn their wall can rest assured that they will receive a great service from Jimmy Duffy at Donegal Heritage.”
Mike Latham
West Yorkshire


“Would like to thank you Jimmy , For doing my family tree ,and for all the hours of research that you put into it. You have done a fantastic job , I am delighted to find out so much information of my Donegal family history , dating back to 1670. It is fascinating to learn of ancestors who left Donegal to go to America and Australia. To work and live and to start a new life there. Also to find out that I am connected to so many people around the Rosses that I never knew I was connected to , The family history book that you produced for me is fantastic Jimmy so well documented , and laid out in a format that i am able to understand , The book itself is of great Quality Jimmy thank you once again for a brilliant job , I’m sure my granny Gracie Sharkey from Mullaghduff will be happy in heaven that you have done this for me.”

Agnes Taylor Connelly

Ayrshire, Scotland


“I came to County Donegal, to the area called the Rosses, to seek some connection with my Harley ancestors, though I knew it would be a long shot. Taking the advice of my husband’s cousin I spoke with lots of local people about my search. Everyone was friendly and tried to help and nearly everyone suggested I should talk to Jimmy Duffy. So I did. He clearly knows his sources – more than I knew existed – and he is full of local knowledge being from the area. He was a wealth of information spanning practically a millennium and though he could tell a number of stories, when it came to genealogy he stuck to facts, which made me trust him. Though we weren’t able to crack my particular question, I think we will get there in the end thanks to DNA tests being increasingly popular with family researchers. And who knows, we may learn that 200 years ago our two families were next door neighbors.”

Shelley Lanser
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma                                                                                                                 14/5/2016