The Banshee Stone stands by the road
Near Mullachderg Strand
Beneath it lies a fair young maid
She is buried ‘neath the sand
This story it was told to me
By Peggy Mhicí Owen
About a maiden turned to Banshee
Who lies beneath the stone.

1-FB Mullaghderg Waves 6
Mullachderg Strand, looking west to the Old Kincasslach Tower

A loving couple had their home
Near Lovely Mullachdubh
They dearly loved each other
Each day their true love grew
Their romantic bliss was ripped apart
The young maid’s heart broke in two
The Atlantic claimed the young man’s life
Fishing just off Mullachdubh.

Fishing off the coast of Mullachdubh

Fair hair down o’er her shoulders
Her eyes like diamonds shone
The young maid clung onto a rock
She wailed from dusk till dawn
She cried out for her lover
Who was lost in the raging sea
Her cries were heard in Tory, Arranmore and Innisfree

A view of Innisfree and other islands including Tory in the distance from Mullachderg Strand


The young maid turned into a Banshee
Her wail like a wild wolf’s call
Her screeching screams would wake the dead
In each grave in Donegal
The Parish Priest on horseback came
He blessed her and she lay dead
Beneath the rock they buried her
‘Her soul was lost’ he said


If you ever pass the Banshee Stone
Stay quiet and lend an ear
The wailing of the Banshee
They say you’ll sometimes hear
The maiden with the long fair locks
Peggy Mhicí Owen said it is true
She lies beneath the Banshee Stone
Near Dear Old Mullchdubh.

Composed by Neil McGinley